About Us

At Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc., we have been practicing immigration law exclusively since 2001. We strive to provide our clients with energetic, effective and aggressive representation in all areas of American immigration law. Our representation includes deportation defense, naturalization, political asylum, federal litigation, as well as family and employment-based petitions. Our clients include: fiancés, spouses and other family members; international business persons; Olympic athletes; internationally recognized artists and scientists; and those who unfortunately find themselves in deportation proceedings.

Immigration Overview

What does the term “immigration” mean? If one wishes a strict definition, it means moving to the U.S. to take up a permanent residence. In reality, most people use the term “immigration” to convey a vast array of benefits and visa types available to qualified foreign nationals. To help organize the type of information that most people seek, we provide on these pages a general description of the types of the most commonly sought visas and benefits.

To begin, you must keep in mind four things:
  1. First, there are two main avenues for gaining permission to enter or remain in the United States: family or employment.
  2. Second, within the employment-based avenues, both temporary (known as “non-immigrant”) and permanent (known as “immigrant”) visas exist. Family-based visas are only for immigrants wishing to make their permanent home in the U.S.
  3. Third, the green card that so many desire is merely a card (no longer green) evidencing lawful permanent residence. Lawful permanent residence is achieved either by changing non-immigrant status to immigrant status in the U.S., known as “adjustment of status,” or by obtaining an immigrant visa at a U.S. consulate abroad, known as “consular processing.”
  4. Last, most visas are limited in number. This means that a qualified applicant may need to wait for some period of time before receiving the desired visa.